We provide the above listed services as a packet as well as separately.

Analyzing the audience

Who would be interested in your app? Who are all these people? What groups are they divided in? Where are they located? How is audience size change expected to progress in the future?
We will give you the answers to these questions.

Analyzing the competition

Who are your competitors, what are their advantages? What are their shortcomings? How many people use the competitors’ apps? How many similar apps already exist? What dangers is your future app most likely to encounter?
We are ready to tackle these questions and provide you with detailed information.

Evaluating the cost/timeframe of app development

Cost and completion timeframes. These questions are always a priority; that’s why we will respond to them within two business days. To receive a quote, please contact us.

Development, game design

We will create for you a prototype of the planned app on paper. The detailed analysis of the app concept on the design stage will save you time and money at all the subsequent stages.

Graphic design of the apps

We at Hibercon treat app design with great reverence because it is what the user sees on the screen, it is what the user touches. The design should be beautiful and convenient. We can do this.

Sound design

The app’s sound design is next in importance after graphics. We have ears and are using them all the time. It would be silly to ignore this channel for receiving information. In our apps, the sound and the graphic design form a harmonious unity.

Developing apps

The highly qualified and very efficient Hibercon team is at your services. You can look at examples here.

Testing apps

The users should receive an app which works flawlessly and does not offer unpleasant surprises. The app should work equally well on a variety of devices. Every app which aims to succeed needs to be thoroughly tested.

Publishing apps

We will publish your app in the app stores. We work with the Google, Apple, and Microsoft app stores. You can look at examples here.

Creating promotional materials

A beautiful and memorable promotional video, a trendy promotional site, prominent banners, advertisements, presentation, a press kit. Promoting an app may require a lot, and we can do all of it. You can look at examples of our work here.

Localizing apps.

Is your app in Russian only? Or in English maybe? Have you thought of broadening your market? We work with translators and writers, optimizers and testers all over the world. You can look at examples of our work here.

Promoting apps

Keywords selection, search optimization (suited to app stores), an attractive name, a commercial description, placement on theme-oriented sites, blogs, forums, advertising campaigns in AdMob, Yandex.Direct, iAd.

Creating apps for online stores

We have dedicated a separate page to this point.

You have questions? Contact us.