President of the World

News > 11.09.2014

President of the World was released. Only in this game can you compete with the players from around the globe for the title of the President of the World.
The player’s task – as soon as possible to click on the screen to gain votes. Votes can be spent on the purchase of various improvements that increase the efficiency of clicks.

In this game do not need to collect gold or banal cookies, here you must to fight for votes, lead country, continent or the whole world!

  • Assemble the campaign headquarters, enlist the help of the spin doctors and organize the election campaign.
  • Carry out PR actions, sponsor events and find yourself in the spotlight.
  • Bypass your friends in the presidential race, become the President of your region or the whole World!
  • Challenge your opponents to a debate.

And don’t forget to tap, tap and tap some more!

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