Noise of Technics

News > 04.04.2014

This app will make you look differently at the meditation! Noise of Technics.

After the release of two applications with collections of different sounds, we had time to study the topic in some depth, to submit another application of the new direction. In contrast to classical natural sounds, sounds of vehicles have a slightly different effect on the human subconscious. This makes possible to approach meditation and relaxation in completely new, previously unexplored side.

A unique selection for meditating and relaxing. The steady repetitive sound of fine-tuned mechanisms will put you in a trance. Simply close your eyes, turn on the sound of your choice, and you will feel it enveloping you and making you descend into the depths of your consciousness. You will be able to gain new perspective and experience exceptional feelings.

White noise is one of the essential elements of psychological experiments and spiritual practices. When your eyes are covered by halved ping-pong balls and your body is totally relaxed, listening to static might give you visions. The effect is similar to using psychotropic substances but it is completely harmless and allows you to take a deeper look into your imagination. The sounds of working devices and technics contain binaural beats and noise colors. The interplay of the masking and the masked sounds opens new possibilities before your subconsciousness. You will be able to master new skills and look at the world in a different way after having regular sleep induced by such sounds.

When you listen to Noise of Technics while sleeping, you will be able to change your dreams. The correctly chosen sound will steer your dream in the right direction; with sufficient skills, you will even be able to design your own dreams.

App cost – free.