D&D Dice

News > 15.05.2014

Dice for D&D games. Created by gamers for gamers.

We love Dungeon and Dragons and often going our team for epic adventures. Under the leadership of professional Game Master was created this application. It is fully satisfies our, and now your needs. Enjoy and we wish a successful game to you!

The virtual 3D set of dice for Dungeons and Dragons. The set is decorated in a traditional generic fantasy style. The app includes a collection of all necessary dice. Perfectly suited for a game of classic D&D, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Ravenloft, as well as many other settings.


  • You will be insured against losing your dice, they will always be in your phone
  • You will never forget your dice, as the phone is always with you
  • You do not need a smooth surface for throwing the dice, just shake your phone
  • D&D Dice is much cheaper than a usual set of dice
  • You will get a full set of all dice immediately after payment, no need to go to a store or wait for delivery from an online shop


  • A complete set of dice: d4-d100 + a coin.
  • Just like real ones, even better! The dice are styled with very high quality.
  • 3D animation and beautiful effects, Full Retina support.
  • Realistic physics
  • The application works fast and does not freeze even if there are many dice on the screen
  • You can throw any number of dice of any kind

App cost – $2.99