City Tunes

News > 28.03.2014

City Tunes – selection of sounds of the city. All sounds are extremely high quality.

The second application in a series of thematic sounds called City Tunes. Now the main focus of the application – urban sounds. Only “refined” sounds, which, by virtue of its quality, suitable even for film scoring. All of them are looped, so you can enjoy your chosen theme indefinitely. Compared with Nature Sound the number of sound themes increased.

Feel the city, take a dip into its atmosphere. Walk on the busy streets, listen to the sounds of the crowd, of the passing transport. Go to the supermarket and listen to the sound of its clients, working desks and squeaking sound of trolleys with shopping that are rolling between the rows. Return to the street and stumble on the police pursuing a car, listen to the sirens and screeching tires. Visit a bustling nightclub and a stadium full of fans chanting the name of their favorite team. Then get some rest and escape the city, listen to the rhythmic sound of the wheels of a train slowly passing by, the clink of dishes in a small cafe and echoes of a distant building. Finally, doze off under the rain, knocking on the asphalt and umbrellas of pedestrians hurrying to find shelter from the weather.

Cost of the app – free.