A1 Timbrel

News > 16.07.2014

A1 Timbrel was released. A1 Timbrel: collection of idiophone instruments from the A1 Instruments set.

Maracas, tambourine, rattle and 5 other instruments are included in this collection. Playing on these instruments is very easy: simply press the button on the screen corresponding to the instrument you need. Then shake the phone or your tablet. A really intuitive app: just as if you were playing on real maracas. After all, to get some sound you just need to shake the real thing. Play simple tunes or support other instruments from the A1 set.

A1 Timbler perfectly suits creative people, for whom music is no empty sound.

All applications from the A1 Instruments suite have polyphonic sound, uniform tone and an intuitive interface that let’s you use all the applications in conjunction with each other. Try the entire A1 collection.

App cost – $0.99

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