A1 Aerophone

News > 16.07.2014

A1 Aerophone was released. Brass band to your service. This tool is included in the A1 Instruments set.

This app is a multi-note wind instrument. The notes are represented in the form of trumpets placed throughout the screen. You can click on a single note or a few notes at a time to create powerful brass sound. Generated sounds continue even when you take your finger off the notes, for the whole duration of the played notes. A1 Aerophone creates a unique sound with a deep echo capable of making any song played with the A1 Instruments set truly grand. All music generated with the app comes with the effect of being played in a large concert hall, which is especially beneficial when multiple sounds are played together.

A1 Aerophone perfectly suits creative people, for whom music is no empty sound.

All applications from the A1 Instruments suite have polyphonic sound, uniform tone and an intuitive interface that let’s you use all the applications in conjunction with each other. Try the entire A1 collection.

App cost – $0.99