Conducting marketing studies
Evaluating the cost and timeframe of app development
Planning apps
Designing mobile apps
Developing and testing mobile apps
Localizing, publishing, promoting apps
Creating accompanying promotional materials



  • Deep Focus We develop apps only for iOS devices.
  • Broad market coverage Our apps are available in 34 languages at 120 countries.
  • Flexibility We work both with companies and with private persons.
  • Happiness Our aim is to make our customers fully satisfied. We are aimed to provide a real solution for your business needs. For you. For people.


Hibercon Technologies is ready to provide full-cycle iOS software development services. We are focused on quality and proactivity. If you want us to develop an iPhone or iPad app for you, just contact us right now and get a free quote. We help your ideas to come alive.

Hibercon Shop — mobile app for online shop

Hibercon shop allows you quickly and affordable create a mobile app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone for online stores. more >>

Our products

See a complete list of our apps in the «Products» section of our website.
  • App Store
    Baby Accordion

    Accordion is well known musical instrument with pleasant melodic sound.

  • App Store
    Space Pong HD

    Become a Space Pong fighter! Defeat the alien invaders and save the universe!

  • App Store
    A1 Tetroid

    Tool for extracting light tone of the bass sound. A1 Tetroid included in the set A1 Instruments.

  • App Store
    City Tunes

    City Tunes – selection of sounds of the city. All sounds are extremely high quality.

  • App Store
    A1 Modulator

    A1 Modulator from the set A1 Instruments – it is magical sounds combined with deep background accompaniment.

  • App Store
    D&D Dice

    The virtual 3D set of dice for Dungeons and Dragons. The set is decorated in a traditional generic fantasy style.